Why I Am Running For President

When the President takes the oath of office, he or she commits to using his or her abilities to serve the People of Ireland. I want to use my skills and experience to serve the people of Ireland at home with energy and represent our country with dignity abroad. My ambition for Ireland is that we become a country where every person will have an opportunity to reach their potential regardless of age, creed, colour, identity or ability.

In running for President, I want to help create a country where we have respect for ourselves and each other and where we nurture responsibility for every citizen to step forward and play their part in shaping Ireland’s future. By doing this, I believe we can create a sense of community where everyone feels included in a society we can truly be proud of.

I’ve learned from a young age that to whom much is given, much is expected, and I am running for President to give back through the office.

I want to work with all communities and all people to empower everyone to reach their full potential because we all have a responsibility to play a role in shaping Ireland’s future. I’m passionate about bringing people of all abilities together so everyone has opportunities to succeed and the office of President is the most powerful way to do this.